Olivier Drut - 10 rue Scudéry
13007 Marseille - France
Phone : +33 661 423 788

My home spot

Marseille, between the “Pointe Rouge” and “Épluchures beach”. I sometimes start from the “Anse de la Maronaise” when heading south to the calanques, or from Catalans beach to the Frioul archipelago.

My quiver

Fanatic Fly wood 10'6

My first love.

Naish One 12'6"
Inflatable, I bring it everywhere when traveling byplane or with our sailing boat. The most comfortable for napping.
Naish One 12'6

Redwood paddle 12'6" Warm'Up
The Lab...
Redwood paddle 12'6 Warm'Up

F-One race 14'x29"
Just perfect for long strolls of 10, 20, 30 kilometers or more... Stable, fast and safe.